Top 10 Mammal Admissions

Opossum being released after a season in rehab.

The following data is the yearly average of the top 10 mammal patients admitted to the Wildlife Center of Virginia from 2008-2015. The mammals included in this list are the species that eat plant foods in their diets. The list ranks the species that are the “heavy hitters”—the species most frequently admitted to the hospital on average.

Due to management strategies for the Baylisascaris roundworm, the skunk and raccoon rankings here may be proportionally lower than for other similar facilities that admit wild mammals.

Cottontail, Eastern 294 / year
Opossum, Virginia 231
Squirrel, Eastern Gray 224
Deer, White-tailed 87
Fox, Gray Eastern 60
Raccoon 48
Mouse, White-footed 33
Skunk, Striped 23
Woodchuck 21
Fox, Red 18